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6473 219d 01h aschellenberg /trunk/DEVELOPER/ naming bug fix related to windows
6461 219d 22h aschellenberg /trunk/DEVELOPER/ changes for windows related to NDMaterial, CrdTransf and FrictionModel
6458 220d 04h fmk /trunk/DEVELOPER/ fmk - changes for geNDMaterial
6457 222d 00h aschellenberg /trunk/DEVELOPER/ adding FrictionModel to windows
6456 222d 02h aschellenberg /trunk/DEVELOPER/ changes for windows
6455 222d 04h fmk /trunk/DEVELOPER/ fmk - adding ResetCurrentArgs to windows
6452 222d 05h fmk /trunk/DEVELOPER/ fmk - updating to latest revision
6345 270d 07h fmk /trunk/DEVELOPER/ fmk - updating core files
6248 409d 08h fmk /trunk/DEVELOPER/ fmk - updating revision number 6248 and adding blas
6236 416d 19h fmk /trunk/DEVELOPER/ fmk - changes for windows DLLs and updating revison tag
6235 416d 23h fmk /trunk/DEVELOPER/ fmk - updating for x64 instructions
6228 418d 07h fmk /trunk/DEVELOPER/ fmk - updating
6194 494d 05h fmk /trunk/DEVELOPER/ fmk - updating core files
6170 512d 08h cmcgann /trunk/DEVELOPER/ cmcgann - correcting name of stress density nDMaterial, plus changes to SDM3D for Ko conditions
6077 607d 05h aschellenberg /trunk/DEVELOPER/ updating Win64 project files
6075 613d 01h fmk /trunk/DEVELOPER/ G. Rinaldin - modification for new mat types
6054 652d 07h fmk /trunk/DEVELOPER/ fmk - updating core files
6022 698d 07h fmk /trunk/DEVELOPER/ fmk - changes for quan - updating revision tag to 6022
6020 702d 02h fmk /trunk/DEVELOPER/ fmk - updating revision tag to 6020
6016 703d 02h fmk /trunk/DEVELOPER/ fmk - updating DEVELOPER core files and revision tag for 2.4.6 release

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