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4357 2309d 14h fmk /tags/Release_2_2_2_a/ Release 2.2.2.a
4355 2309d 14h fmk /trunk/ fmk - modification for construction sequencing
4354 2313d 11h fmk /trunk/ fmk - updating version to 2.2.2.a
4353 2313d 12h fmk /trunk/ fmk - updating windows projects to current code"
4352 2313d 12h fmk /trunk/ fmk - fixing CrdTransf metods
4351 2320d 14h fmk /trunk/ fmk - adding optin to get CrdTransf in api
4350 2320d 16h fmk /trunk/ fmk - changes for SurfaceLoad
4349 2320d 16h fmk /trunk/ C.McGann - initial import
4348 2320d 17h fmk /trunk/ fmk - changes for elements in simpleContact
4347 2320d 17h fmk /trunk/ K.Petex - initial import
4346 2321d 12h fmk /trunk/ fmk - changes for pyUCLA
4345 2321d 12h fmk /trunk/ HyungSuk Shin, UCLA - initial import
4344 2321d 13h fmk /trunk/ fmk - removing CrdTransf2d and CrdTransf3d classes, replacing with getCopy2d/3d in CrdTransf3d
4343 2321d 13h fmk /trunk/ fmk - removing CrdTransf2d and 3d classes, replacing with getCopy2dand getCopy3d in CrdTransf
4342 2321d 13h fmk /trunk/ fmk - removing CrdTransf2d and 3d, new procedures in CrdTransf to handle prototypes passes to elements which was removed from TclModelBuilder, new getCopy2d and 3d methods which by default return 0
4341 2321d 13h fmk /trunk/ fmk - putting getCopy2d and 3d functions for remove CrdTransf2d and CrdTransf3d classes
4340 2321d 13h fmk /trunk/ fmk - removing CrdTransf2d and CrdTransf3d
4339 2322d 17h fmk /trunk/ fmk - bug fix
4338 2327d 14h fmk /trunk/ fmk - bug fix, could not record section 1 and 2 data
4337 2348d 13h fmk /trunk/ fmk - fixing Makefile to build both OpenSees and OpenSeesTk

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