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2311 3178d 08h /tags/Release_1_7_0/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'Release_1_7_0'.
2310 3178d 08h fmk /trunk/ fmk - adding OpenSeesExit() function
2309 3178d 09h fmk /trunk/ fmk - changes to project
2308 3178d 10h mhscott /trunk/ Updating Makefile for new plastic hinge implementations
2307 3178d 10h mhscott /trunk/ Adding simpler implementations of plastic hinge integration methods
2306 3178d 10h mhscott /trunk/ Adding default sensitivity methods
2305 3178d 10h mhscott /trunk/ Adding new options for distributed plasticity integration
2304 3178d 11h fmk /trunk/ fmk - modifications for Isolator2spring
2303 3178d 11h fmk /trunk/ k.ryan - modifications for Isolator2spring
2302 3178d 11h fmk /trunk/ k. ryan - initial import
2301 3178d 12h fmk /trunk/ fmk - adding beamWithHinges1 option (will result in a beam using midpoint rule) and changing the beamWithHinges option to construct a beam using HingeRadau with the section at the end pt and an elastic section for the other pt, i.e. defaults
now to be same as beamWithHinges - need some more meaningful names for different options
2300 3182d 08h fmk /trunk/ fmk - fixing Makefile for when the RELIABILITY flag is set
2299 3182d 09h fmk /trunk/ fmk - removing conflicts
2298 3182d 12h fmk /trunk/ fmk - changes for parallel processing; basically #ifdef's used to determine a sequential or parallel version of the class to construct
2297 3182d 12h fmk /trunk/ fmk - initial import of mpiMain.cpp; parallel interpreter
2296 3182d 12h fmk /trunk/ fmk - removing a few classes not needed in library, there are a lot of others!
2295 3182d 12h fmk /trunk/ fmk - change for parallel processing
2294 3182d 13h fmk /trunk/ fmk - adding OpenSeesExit() procedure
2293 3182d 13h fmk /trunk/ fmk - adding OpenSeesExit() procedure, which is invoked when interpreter shuts down, and removing tk.h and tclDummyMathPtr
2292 3182d 13h fmk /trunk/ fmk - adding an #ifdef for _NOGRAPHICS

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