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4451 2296d 03h parduino /branches/ mcganncr - removed This_is_UW_PPC_1 flag file to avoid adding it to the trunk during merge
4450 2296d 04h parduino /branches/ mcganncr - merging branch with truck to keep branch in sync
4449 2300d 02h parduino /branches/ mcganncr - Added new UW materials and elements to Win32/proj/element/element.vcproj and Win32/proj/material/material.vcproj
4448 2300d 03h parduino /branches/ mcganncr - merged with trunk to keep the branch in sync
4447 2300d 04h parduino /branches/ mcganncr - changed revertToStart function in ContactMaterial2D and 3D to work better with InitialStateAnalysis
4444 2304d 04h parduino /branches/ mcganncr - changed the order of the input parameters in DruckerPrager and BoundingCamClay nDMaterials.
moved mass density from first to last.
4443 2304d 05h parduino /branches/ mcganncr - added getRho() method and mass density input value to BoundingCamClay and DruckerPrager nDMaterials for use in dynamic analysis.
4434 2308d 02h parduino /branches/ mcganncr - modified revertToStart functions in ContactMaterial2D/3D for InitialStateAnalysis
4433 2308d 02h parduino /branches/ mcganncr - getting the branch in-sync with the trunk
all conflicts have been resolved
4432 2309d 09h parduino /branches/ BeamContact2D -> modified input variable for width of beam to be the full width instead of the 'radius'
InitialState -> added getRho() function to enable dynamic analysis
4430 2310d 09h parduino /branches/ fixed a typo in BeamContact3D
4429 2310d 09h parduino /branches/ Added UW Makefile.def to MAKES
BeamContact3D -> added initial contact flag (default is inContact)
Mainly cosmetic changes to the rest (cleaned up a bit)
4427 2311d 04h parduino /branches/ * fix Brick.h to prevent multiple includes (caused compiler error due to redefinition of class Brick)
* remove FLBrick.o from objects list in elements/brick/Makefile (temporary fix)
4426 2311d 06h parduino /branches/ Changes made to branch to match working local version. Changes complete. C.McGann
4425 2314d 01h parduino /branches/ Finished updating nDMaterial for UW changes.
4424 2314d 02h parduino /branches/ Indicator for UW branch
4423 2314d 02h parduino /branches/ Updating materials and making respective changes to the Makefile.
4422 2314d 03h parduino /branches/ Branch designated for improvements and extensions performed at the University of Washington by

Pedro Arduino (
Peter Mackenzie (
Chris McGann (

Branch development targets:

o improved initial state computations emulating a Eulerian formulation.
o improvements to Drucker-Prager and Bounding Cam-Clay models
o improvements to beam-to-solid contact elements.
1 6129d 20h /branches/ Standard project directories initialized by cvs2svn.