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Displacement Control

This command is used to construct a StaticIntegrator object of the type DisplacementControl.

integrator DisplacementControl $nodeTag $dofTag $dU1 <$Jd $minDu $maxDu>


node whose response controls the solution


degree-of-freedom whose response controls the solution.

Valid range is from 1 through ndf, the number of nodal degrees-of-freedom.


first displacement increment (pseudo-time step) in the next invocation of the analysis command


factor relating displacement increment at subsequent time steps. (optional, default: 1.0)

$minDu $maxDu

arguments used to bound the displacement increment (optional, default: $dU1 for both)

The displacement increment at iterations i, dU(i), is related to the displacement increment at (i-1), dU(i-1), and the number of iterations at (i-1), J(i-1), by the following:

dU(i) = dU(i-1)*Jd/J(i-1)

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